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The 2020 Edition of the Louisiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Manual of Medical Nutrition Therapy is now available for purchase.

A Nutrition Guide for Long Term Care in Louisiana
Authored by The Louisiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Edition: 8th

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This diet manual contains sections pertaining to the various diets are designed to be used by the Certified Dietary Manager in the facility. Dietary modifications are simplified so that the dietary manager can concentrate on serving nutritious, safe, attractive, tasty meals in a pleasant environment. The section entitled “Nutrition Support” is included to assist the facility’s nutritional multi-disciplinary team in identifying patients at nutritional risk and in developing a comprehensive care plan for those residents. The diet analyses were done using the USDA Database. A single representative menu is presented and may not represent usual intakes. Several diets, including clear liquid, full liquid, and high energy/high protein are intended for short use only. It is important in menu planning to provide a variety of foods to help individuals meet current dietary recommendations.